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Introduction to our new group instructor and classes

1) Max interval Training

Jeremy - Jeremy is our in house personal trainer which teach freestyle classes such as max interval  and Fy-Tabata. Max interval is a training idea in which low to moderate intensity intervals are alternated with high intensity intervals. Its is  fun and challenging with variety of body weight workout style. If you want to have cardio workout but doesn't like running on the treadmill or cycling, this class definitely is your right choice!!

2) MMA

Neo- Neo is our new Mix martial Art(MMA) Instructor. He is Mimma one finalist and Brazilian jiu-jitsu Purple belt with the history of 8 fight on 5-3 Record. Equip yourself with basic to advance technique that will get ready for a cage match!!

3) Belly Dance

Jacqueline( Belly dance) -Jacqueline picked up belly dancing 5 years ago. Jacqueline displays strength, grace, elegance and fluidity in her dance. Fluent in classical/modern oriental and fusion dance. her dances are filled with emotion, passion, captivating and exciting performances and audiences with an incredible

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